SKALA - the special unites
in technology and design

We want to supply cities sustainably with energy - if it were up to us, every facade would already have a PV system. We have been able to show in many different projects how our SKALA modules in the context of BIPV, building integrated photovoltaics, contribute in an aesthetic way to the advancement of the energy transition.

Building integrated photovoltaics -
the activation of your facade

Our SKALA modules can be combined with almost all common facade materials. Cladding the building envelope with solar modules can be implemented on industrial buildings as well as on residential buildings of various sizes.

What is BIPV?

In building integrated photovoltaics BIPV, PV modules are integrated into the facades of buildings to generate energy. We have made it our mission to further establish BIPV as an indispensable part of the energy transition. The potential of free and usable building surfaces with which consumers can generate their own climate-friendly electricity is huge. We implement the addition of a photovoltaic system to a building envelope in a very aesthetic way with our SKALA modules.

SKALA @ Westspitze


SKALA is the size and color scalable architectural module from AVANCIS for solar facades and building integrated applications. The color variance of our different module types lets buildings shine in vivid color effects and thus combines sustainability with aesthetics. Because SKALA is so versatile, we have created a separate website for this product. Visit our product website.

Our services
around BIPV

From the idea on paper to the installation of SKALA modules on the facade, we take on a variety of planning tasks for our customers as part of our projects and support them in the implementation of their personal PV solution, while at the same time creating added architectural value for the buildings.

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