SKALA Industry -
Stylish even in industrial buildings

Storage areas, industrial halls and production facilities offer enormous potential for solar energy generation. Choosing SKALA Industry means consistently opting for high-quality, technologically mature, weather-resistant photovoltaic modules that combine design and aesthetics.

Solar systems for industrial facade and roof -
certified and efficient

Our frameless SKALA modules offer a wide range of options for installation on industrial facades and roof solutions. In addition to the usual safety standards, the module has all the necessary approvals and has a general building authority approval (abZ).

Outputs of up to 150 W per module combined with the simple "in-joint" installation option (suitable for steel constructions, sandwich and cassette facades) ensure that the photovoltaic modules can be installed quickly and retain their economic benefits.

SKALA Industry is available in our standard size 1587 x 664 mm and exclusively in black.

BIPV - building-integrated photovoltaics - can also be realized wonderfully on the large surfaces of industrial facades.

SKALA Industry is manufactured and internally tested in accordance with the general building approval Z-70.1-224, the type approval IEC 61215 and the safety qualification IEC 6173.

The modules are CE labelled. This is rounded off by the classification of fire behaviour in accordance with DIN 4102-1 in fire class B2.

Like all our products, SKALA Industry is developed exclusively in-house and manufactured at our production facility in Torgau.

With this product for large, unused industrial facades, we are offering an extension to our portfolio for all projects where the requirements for costs, cost-effectiveness and the efficiency of the photovoltaic modules are paramount.

Like its predecessor product PowerMax, SKALA Industry can easily be used for rooftop systems.

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