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Avancis: Thin-film solar module for next generation PV systems

AVANCIS is one of the pioneers and avant-garde of thin-film photovoltaics with CIS technology and boasts extensive experience in commercial series production of CIS solar modules. We manufacture premium-class solar modules. This means optimising the manufacturing process in terms of quality and costs, refining the details of the already very elegant design, and raising the durability and yield stability of the entire photovoltaic system to a high level. On the basis of our patented CIS solar technology, we are continuously developing our PowerMax® product line in order to offer our customers solar modules of the highest quality and elegant designs. Not only do our solar modules stand out in existing and new fields of application with their performance, resource-saving manufacture and design, but they set new standards.

Premium quality and innovation Sustainability for more than 30 years

Pioneering technology, premium quality and performance – these are the special challenges that, for us, are inseparable from photovoltaics. AVANCIS has consistently risen to all these challenges – with lasting success in the development and production of innovative and cutting-edge CIS solar modules of premium quality, with ground-breaking achievements that set us apart as the avant-garde of photovoltaics.

AVANCIS Manufacturer of premium-class solar modules

Products and solutions Premium solar modules

Whether on open spaces, on the rooftop or on the facade, choosing AVANCIS PowerMax® solar modules means not settling for compromises. It means deliberately opting for advanced and sustainable CIS technology that combines cost-effectiveness and efficiency with sophisticated design and aesthetics. PowerMax® solar modules are easy to install, low-maintenance and their frameless formation puts them in a design class of their own. Take a look for yourself.

CIS solar modules from AVANCIS

Solar rooftop systems For individuals and installers

Are you interested in installing an elegant solar system on the roof of your house? Are you an installer and are you looking for attractive PV modules with CIS technology with the highest energy yield per kWp installed? We would be happy to provide you with full information about our products and services.

PowerMax® for home-owners and owners of commercial rooftop systems

Open spaces and solar parks For project planners and contractors

Want to install photovoltaic systems on your commercial or agricultural property? Are you a general contractor and planning a solar park with CIS technology to generate attractive returns? Then get in touch with us and find out more about customer project solutions.

PowerMax® for project planners and operators of high-return photovoltaics systems

Solar facade solutions and BIPV For architects, builders and facade installers

Are you planning a solar facade for a public or private building project and require frameless premium design modules? Contact us, we are happy to advise architects, facade installers and builders with the planning and implementation of your customised solar facade or your building-integrated photovoltaics solution.

PowerMax® for the solar facades of builders, facade installers and architects