Consulting and planning
of BIPV facade projects

Within the scope of your project, we not only offer classic project management and central handling of the partners and service providers involved, but also develop simulations, models and technical and economic calculations in advance to enable our customers to make optimum use of their facades.

Building integrated photovoltaics -
planned and visualized 

From idea to paper: our team of experts has a wide range of tools to plan your PV project together with you. We support you with our years of experience in the field of building integrated photovoltaics.

Our BIPV services

Digitized technical drawingsIf the technical drawings provided in the customer project are not yet available in a digital format, they can be digitized by our team in a first step. Only after these are available are the simulations and calculations described below possible.
3D modelsIn cases where three-dimensional data are not yet available, we also create 3D models from existing 2D drawings of the building on request. A 3D model is always a necessary step in order to carry out simulation processes such as radiation analysis.
Panel distributionAt the beginning, we work out different spatial arrangement options of the SKALA modules on the facade and present them to you in technical drawings for discussion. Together we will find the best possible combination of energetic utilization and aesthetic design of your facade.
AnalysesTaking into account any self-shadowing of the building, for example due to protrusions in the facade or shading from surrounding buildings, we create a graph showing the solar radiation on each facade of the building. This in turn is a basis for the best possible arrangement of the SKALA modules.
YieldsThe calculations of the probable energy yield of the PV system to be installed are based on various parameters such as the location, the building orientation, the shading as well as the selected SKALA modules. Different panel distributions and resulting module numbers and orientations naturally also lead to different yield calculations.
VisualizationsTo give the customer an impression of the final appearance of the building, we create a visualization of the building envelope. This gives us a realistic representation of the facade, including the color change behavior of the selected SKALA module colors.

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