Green power in the roof - planning already during house construction

In a classic on-roof PV system, the solar modules are retrofitted directly onto the already installed roof covering. In the case of special in-roof PV systems, the modules fit seamlessly into the roof surface and there is no longer any protrusion.

In-roof systems -
aesthetic and efficient

Our frameless modules can be integrated not only on the facade. On the roof, too, our all-roof system can replace conventional roof coverings. Combine the climate-conscious aspects of photovoltaics with the aesthetics of our elegant solar modules. 

My roof -
my power plant

Both in new construction and basic renovation of a roof, the clever combination of photovoltaics and roofing offers itself in many respects. The integration of solar energy generation into the household energy cycle makes both ecological and economic sense. Saving a conventional roof covering protects resources.