10.10.2023  |  Company

Glass utilisation

During production and the subsequent final processing of our products into finished solar modules, materials are produced that we cannot offer for sale. But what happens to these materials that we can no longer use?
disposal and recycling - part 1

What happens to our glass waste?

Reiling is a classic recycling company that takes back our defective substrates, laminates and glass waste. The prerequisite for this is that they are pure materials, i.e. all installed parts such as backrails, cables and junction boxes are dismantled beforehand. We then receive compensation from Reiling for the returned material.

Switching to this type of recycling has cost us a lot of effort in recent years. Logistically, we had to create the conditions for separating the different materials. The next steps were the introduction into everyday life and additional monitoring. Following the successful implementation of this concept and the associated reduction in CO2 emissions, we have come a step closer to our goal of climate-neutral production of our solar modules - and are now also saving high costs for the mere disposal of the "mixed materials".