14.09.2023  |  Technology

Extended general building approval for SKALA on high-rise buildings

SKALA modules for solar facades from AVANCIS receive general building authority approval (abZ) for wind loads up to 6 kN/m². This means that solar facades on high-rise buildings are safe, because the modules absorb the high wind loads.
Extended approval september 2023

SKALA may now reach even higher

We have received extended general building approval (abZ) for our SKALA modules from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). Depending on the product type, these can now be used for wind loads of up to 6 kN/m². This opens up further attractive potential for architects and planners, especially in the design of aesthetic solar facades on high-rise buildings. 

addition january 2024

New product family

In the press release of 14 September, our particularly wind-resistant facade product was communicated under the working title SKALA S. Following industrialisation, we have now introduced the product name SKALA High.