10.11.2023  |  Events

29. VFT-Seminar | November 23-24 | Wiesbaden-Niedernhausen

We have been a supporting member of the Association for Facade Technology since 2021. Participation in the annual two-day seminar offers us the opportunity to network and further establish BIPV.
lectures and exhibition

The topics

This year's seminar deals with facade technology in changing times. The topics range from modern and resource-saving handling of materials, green facades, construction and renovation in existing buildings, 3D BIM in facade construction to photovoltaics in facades - our topic.

Meet our sales team at this year's VFT annual seminar. As a supporting member of the Association for Facade Technology, we want to contribute with our support to the further development of innovative and aesthetic applications for façades and to integrate them into the planning concepts of architects and specialist planners.

Our sales team Evamaria Nickel and Augustin Rohr (here at the event from 2022) will present our SKALA modules and their application possibilities in the facade in the accompanying exhibition.