13.05.2022  |  Events

Landesgartenschau 2022 | Torgau April 23 - October 9

The Landesgartenschau took place in Torgau this year. We were there as a sponsor and active participant as part of the "Green Classroom" project.

Solar stele with SKALA modules 

As part of this year's Landesgartenschau in Torgau, we handed over our solar pedestal in the fitness area of the Junge Garten to the city of Torgau on May 24 in the presence of the former mayor, Ms. Barth, and the technical director of the State Garden Show, Ms. Klein.

Three SKALA Black modules generate green electricity, which in two separate power circuits ensures the nightly illumination of the column as well as the operation of the two USB charging stations located on the side.

promotion of young talent

Green classroom

The "Green Classroom" offered school classes from small to large the opportunity to learn about curriculum content in an active and playful way away from the usual school buildings. We were keen to strengthen the technical skills of the next generation with the help of a solar project. In two "school hours", the children and young people not only learned the theoretical basics of solar energy generation, but also experienced it first-hand in the self-built solar house.