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Inspiration for your building envelope

At the beginning of last year, the company BEMO Group initiated the merger of facade specialists with a wide range of material expertise. Yesterday, the new joint platform was launched by ten companies.
the diversity of the facade

The idea

From the very beginning, the basic idea behind this platform was to be able to present the topic of facades in all its diversity. The focus is on inspiration, the search for ideas for the design of one's own building envelope. Architects, specialist planners, investors and building owners can find solutions for their own building projects in a project library.

The approach of the ten founding members is high quality facade concepts. The material competencies include building envelopes made of various metals, glass, wood, glass fiber concrete, plants/natural materials or composite materials.

The library

And this is how it works

Access to the library is made easier for users by a random generator that selects examples for them. The individual projects can also be filtered and searched for according to various characteristics. In addition to the different materials, there are suggestions for 3D surfaces, sustainable and low-emission products, BIM planning and various building types. Our SKALA-BIPV projects can be found, for example, under the features photovoltaics, glass, BIM, sustainability industry/commercial or hotel.

Each company will regularly post new projects here in future. In the further planning stage, there will be an expansion to include a news section in which the partner companies will present topics that are important to them. A joint presence on Instagram is also already under discussion.

the diversity of the facade

Fassaden Impulse

And now let yourself be inspired by the wonderful possibilities of facade design: