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Our Vision

AVANCIS is driving the shift to a global energy supply from renewable energy sources through innovation, globalization and the latest CIS technology.

Technology leader for almost 40 years Technology leader for almost 40 years

From the origins to the present

Technology leader for almost 40 years

The Avancis Group is a German photovoltaic company that has operated internationally right from the start. The roots of our CIS technology go back to 1981. At that time, our predecessor company ARCO Solar in the USA had started researching alternatives to conventional silicon wafer solar cells.

We started the world’s first commercial CIS series production in 1998 in Camarillo, California. Since then we have industrialized CIS photovoltaics under the name AVANCIS. Some of our companions during this industrialization were big-name companies like Siemens, Shell Solar and Saint-Gobain. Since 2014, we have been part of the CNBM Group, one of the largest glass and building materials companies in the world with more than 300,000 people.

We cover the entire value chain, from semiconductors and modules to complete PV systems. As a result, we can offer customized solutions: ranging from open spaces and solar parks and roof systems to integrated building systems and aesthetic solar façades.



What is important to us

The AVANCIS Values: The compass of our culture

At AVANCIS, quality and the will to succeed are what count. That said, at AVANCIS, people come first. Our corporate culture is tailored to our employees based on the three pillars of AVANCIS: reliability, continuous improvement and top performance.


To us, reliability means doing what we have promised to do and only making promises that we can keep. This applies to both our day-to-day business as well as to our external business partners. Reliability is the basis of trust and makes it possible to overcome challenges as a team.


Continuous improvement

We are an innovative company in a dynamic and high-tech environment. As pioneers of CIS technology, we have learned that we can only be leaders if we set development and quality standards. Which is why we are constantly working to improve – both in research and development as well as in manufacturing and in our business processes.

Peak performance

We are passionate about technical and scientific excellence. We give specialists, luminaries and executives the leeway they need to create. We also promote unconventional ideas and solutions. We respect and promote individual competence within the team. We compete to win. We want to offer our customers and partners the best possible product worldwide.



Our Corporate Philosophy


We secure our customers’ long-term loyalty by providing products and services with outstanding benefits. Our activities are aligned with the needs and expectations of our customers and the markets we serve.

We design our manufacturing processes to be environmentally friendly by using raw materials and energy responsibly and by reducing and recycling waste.

It is our policy to pursue a systematic approach in order to constantly improve the quality of our products and processes, and the safety and health management at work (SGA performance). We are constantly improving our environmental and energy performance to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

We employ qualified staff and encourage their commitment and creativity. Our employees are also responsible for occupational health and safety. They are trained accordingly.

We engage in an open dialogue with our employees, neighbors, business partners and stakeholders in accordance with our principles and our business interests. We take our responsibility towards them into account in all decisions.

We support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services and consider options for improving energy-related performance when designing new, modified or renovated plants/locations, facilities, systems and processes that can have a significant impact on their energy-related performance over the planned or expected useful life.

We are committed to create safe and healthy working conditions that prevent work-related injuries and illness. We also commit to consultation and participation of employees.

Certified processes for premium-quality solar modules

A reliable product needs consistent quality management. For AVANCIS, this means not just monitoring all business and manufacturing processes, but also consistent further development and sustainable business management. Our CIS modules are certified to IEC by the German certification body TÜV Rheinland, but also meet the strict American requirements under the UL standard, and carry the British MCS certification, both of which are subject to continuous checking through annual audits. The recycling and disposal of our products at the end of the product life cycle is ensured via take-e-way.



Managementsysteme für Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit