Our CIS/CIGS technology

The basics

CIS or CIGS refers to the components copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenium (Se). The hallmark of CIS technology is its wafer-thin 2µm semiconductor layer. CIS is the most efficient thin-film Technology, in terms of energy yield (kWh/kWp), our modules have some of the highest yields of any photovoltaic system.

Advantages for our customers

Unlike other PV technologies, CIS technology offers enormous savings and performance potential. In comparison, the semiconductor layer of crystalline solar cells is a hundred times thicker than that of CIS solar cells. This means that the production of these products involves considerably more valuable resources and requires more energy.

Application results

Our CIS modules stand out because of their excellent low-light performance, due to the fact that they have the widest spectral sensitivity of any PV technology, demonstrated by their performance with cloudy skies, diffuse light or flat position of the sun. What is second to none, however, is their elegant and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to their subtle dark appearance and smart product design, the non-reflective modules blend seamlessly into their respective surroundings.

Pioneer and innovation leader for almost 40 years Pioneer and innovation leader for almost 40 years

Research & Development

Pioneer and innovation leader for almost 40 years

Since 1981, we have been successfully leading the way in CIS technology research and development of smart products. We began the first series production of CIS modules in Camarillo, California, and can look back on numerous efficiency world records. Our success is the basis for our claim to be the technology leader in CIS thin-film photovoltaics to offer our customers a qualitatively superior and cost-effective product that sets new standards in performance and design.



From Lab to Fab

Designed & Developed in Germany

Outstanding engineering skills, an innovative spirit and an untiring thirst for knowledge is part of our DNA. The results of our research work will be transferred “from Lab to Fab” into our series production, where we optimize the production processes. Our industrialized technology is implemented internationally within CNBM and scaled up to gigawatt level: from the laboratory to the finished product, we map the entire value chain in uniform quality.



Designed & Developed in Germany Designed & Developed in Germany
Outstanding achievements

Our solar modules’ performance records

Remarkable successes

As pioneers in CIS photovoltaics, we are continuously working on improving our CIS technology. We hold multiple world efficiency records and have an ambitious performance roadmap.

Developed in Germany, used globally