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Solar power plants with CIS photovoltaic modules yield high returns with optimised costs. With their homogeneous dark anti-reflex surfaces, our PowerMax® modules also offer a uniform appearance that integrates well into the existing natural scenery, regardless of the climatic zone.

FOR EPC/PROJECT DEVELOPERS: CIS modules for high-performance investment projects and solar parks

Do you plan and project manage large rooftop or power plants as a general contractor and are you looking for high-performance CIGS modules for profitable turnkey projects? Contact us and our international project planning team will help you realise your solar projects on time and on budget.

Buy a solar system with PowerMax® CIS modules

References for solar power plants and solar parks

Here you will find a selection of our references in the field of solar parks.

Year of installation: 2010
Number of modules: 2000
Rated power: 240 kWp
Location: Dobsice, Czech Republic
Realised by: Ökoteam-Solar

More information:

Year of installation: 2015
Number of modules: 192.000
Rated power: 24.000 kWp
Location: Bordeaux, France
Realised by: Photosol

More information:

Year of installation: 2011
Number of modules: 4170
Rated power: 500 kWp
Location: Megliadino, Italy
Realised by: Erasolare

More information:

Solarpark Hotel Schicklberg

Installationsjahr: 2016
Anzahl der Module: 1.326
Nennleistung: 159,12 kWp
Standort: Österreich, Kremsmünster
Realisiert von: Siemens AG Österreich

Mehr Informationen: Photovoltaics GmbH

Installation of PowerMax® modules as ground mounted system

Contact: Your contact for solar parks

We are happy to advise you and provide a personal quote for your open spaces. Send us an e-mail at EPC[at]avancis[dot]de. Our project planning team will help you configure your project for high performance.