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The AVANCIS SKALA solar panel is the architectural PV module series designed as a premium component for the building industry to meet the needs in energy efficiency, design and quality of solar façades – for public, commercial as well as residential buildings. This ‘solar-active’ building material is state-of-the-art in architecture. Scalable in form and colour, SKALA modules set new standards for project-specific and aesthetic solar façade solutions. Architects, façade planners and investors can realize energy-producing solar systems with the highest aesthetics, sustainability and efficiency in their construction projects.

PowerMax® SKALA – setting new standards of façades.

SKALA solar panels are no ordinary façade cladding material. These are multifunctional building materials generating clean solar energy as a functional add-on. We can unhesitatingly say that the materials used fulfil not only the requirements of sustainable construction, but also achieves excellent environmental performance and improves the energy performance of the building.

With the requirements of zero emissions and plus energy houses, solar energy and the building industry are growing together more strongly, for commercial properties and residential buildings both new and old. Here, solar facades play an important role in making a crucial contribution to heat and sound absorption and at the same time realizing visionary energy concepts with sophisticated custom architectural solutions.

SKALA is provided with a national technical approval (allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) by the German approval body DIBt for the type of construction with an adhesively bonded mounting system. Therefore, AVANCIS is the first manufacturer offering frameless glass to glass CIGS modules with an adhesively bonded mounting system bearing also the dead weight of the modules without any mechanical support for the glasses. Thus, project specific approvals (Zustimmung im Einzelfall) are usually not required anymore for the use within the building skin.

SKALA solar panels are no ordinary façade cladding material. These are multifunctional building CIS materials generating clean solar energy as a functional add-on- even in diffuse and shading lighting conditions. We can unhesitatingly say that the materials used fulfil not only the requirements of sustainable construction, but also achieves excellent environmental performance and improves the energy performance of modern and future-oriented building.

Key element of this ongoing energy output is the special characteristic of CIGS thin-film technology and its broad spectral sensitivity. This generates electricity beyond the optimal solar radiation conditions – with shallow angles of sunlight, cloudy skies, shadowing effects and hot temperatures.

Modern facade concepts offer a wide scope for creative design of public buildings, office blocks or exclusive solutions for private residences. Each project is unique – and the façade should be the same, too. Additional to its standard edition black, SKALA is available in a full scale of different colors and sizes to allow the needed maximum freedom for each customized facade project. The unique back-rail system enables a shaped mounting of the system without any visible clamping of the front glass providing a smooth and elegant glass surface.

Contact us, as each project is unique.

AVANCIS products are designed and manufactured in Germany and engineered to resist harsh climate and weather conditions. The glass/glass SKALA solar panels are designed to resist global weather conditions and diverse wind load stresses in the building envelope with guarantee.

Aesthetics is the key in the building envelope. With the innovative CIGS thin film technology, SKALA provides a consistent surface in a uniform colour without any framing. The SKALA solar panel can be applied in a portrait or landscape mode* which provides for the maximum freedom of design and different sizes and shapes are being introduced.

* depending on national, regional and local building regulations.

As for all AVANCIS products, sustainability starts with production: Thanks to a fully vertically-integrated production, the use of materials and energy in the CIS thin-film technology is reduced to the maximum. With the use of environmentally friendly material without any toxic components, the products can be also easily recycled.

FREEDOM OF DESIGN FOR YOUR FACADES Scalable in size and color

Anthracite supermatt
Light Grey

SKALA architecture modules have a standard format of 1.587 mm x 664 mm. Each module can also be individually customized, so the combination of standard and size-adjusted modules creates exclusive and tailor-made solar façades. Thus, builders, architects and façade designers have the greatest possible freedom for their design planning and arrangement of the building envelope.

Choose your Color


Due to the cell structure of the semiconductor, SKALA solar panels are distinguished by a uniform black panel surface with a fine pinstripe look. Thanks to an adapted production process and strict quality guidelines especially in the optical sector, SKALA architectural modules are dedicated for high aesthetic requirements.

By using coloured front glases, SKALA architecture modules can be produced in different colours. Contrary to conventional coloured PV modules, they use the reflection of sunlight to produce their colour. The front glass reflects the narrow spectral range of the visible light to generate the colour. The rest of the light spectrum is transferred to the module and converted into energy.

SKALA MOUNTING: MAXIMUM FREEDOM OF DESIGN Mounting in landscape and portrait format

SKALA architectural solar modules can be applied in landscape and portrait format for maximum freedom of architectural design, according to regional and local restrictions. The SKALA panels are mounted with the special AVANCIS clamp on the mounting structure. This special clamp is part of the certification of the SKALA panel and guarantees a secure mounting on the support structure. This clamping method also provides a smooth glass surface with a defined distance between the panels. SKALA is compatible with a variety of standard mounting profiles and is particularly designed for ventilated façade systems.


If you need more information, please ask for detailed input.

Landscape Mounting
Portrait Mounting
Secure Mounting with AVANCIS Clamps
Backside of the Module with the unique Backrail System


Are you planning a solar façade for a private or public building project? Are you looking for high-quality, aesthetic and certified CIS modules to fulfil your design ideas? We will help you make your façade construction project a success - with our frameless PowerMax® SKALA modules.

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References for building-integrated photovoltaic systems

Here you will find a selection of our references in the field of solar facades.

Year of installation: 2011
Number of modules: 906
Rated power: 108,72 kWp
Location: Heilbad Heiligenstadt (near Kassel), Germany Owner: Leitec GmbH

More information:

Year of installation: 2014
Location: USA




Year of installation: 2014
Location: New Zealand
Installer: Euroglass Solar 

More information:

Year of installation: in planing
Location: Krakow, Poland
Owner: private



Year of installation: 2015
Number of modules: 97
Rated power: 12,5 kWp
Location: Munich, Germany
Project developer: Energiewendeplaner GmbH
More information:

Year of installation: 2015
Rated power: 2 x 17,5 kWp (South-West) + 20,7 kWp (North-West)
Location: Poland, Kozienice
Installer: Soleg



Year of installation: 2017
Number of modules: 130
Rated power: 17,5 kWp
Location: Bern, Switzerland 
Project developer: Swiss Fassaden Technik AG





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