Are you a private customer, general contractor, installer or architect and are you interested in our PowerMax® modules? You would like to buy or include them in your portfolio? If so, please tell us your exact requirements – we'll then be in touch with you very shortly.

FOR PRIVATE CUSTOMERS: High-quality and stylish solar system for the home.

Are you interested in installing a solar system on the roof of your house or carport? Would you like to invest in the future in order to become more independent of electricity suppliers and increasing electricity prices? Do you want to build an active house that produces more energy than you consume yourself? PowerMax® modules with CIS technology offer you the highest energy yields and an elegant design for your home.

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FOR BUSINESS CUSTOMERS: PV rooftop systems and open space systems

You want to install photovoltaic systems with CIS technology on the roofs of your commercial or agricultural premises and actively reduce your operating expenses? Find out more about investment and yields from your photovoltaic system.

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FOR EPC/PROJECT DEVELOPERS: CIS modules for high-performance investment projects and solar parks

Do you plan and design large rooftop or ground mounted systems as a general contractor and are you looking for high-performance CIGS modules for profitable turnkey projects? Contact us and our international project planning team will help you realise your solar projects within the set time and budgetary framework.

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FOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS, FACADE INSTALLERS AND ARCHITECTS: Elegant CIS modules with national technical approval (abZ)

Are you planning a solar facade for a private or public building project? Are you looking for high-quality, aesthetic and certified CIS modules to realise your design ideas? We will help you make your facade construction project a success.

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FOR INSTALLERS: Add our CIS solar modules to your portfolio

Are you an installer of photovoltaic systems and interested in high-quality AVANCIS? We are happy to inform you how to purchase these and take advantage of our comprehensive service. PowerMax® solar modules – service for installers:

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FOR DEALERS Become our sales partner for high-quality CIS modules

Become our sales partner for high-quality CIS modules. Are you a dealer and do you want to add PowerMax® products to you portfolio? Are you planning a solar project for which you are seeking elegant thin-film modules? If you wish to become a seller of CIS solar modules – simply get in touch with us:

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