Berlin, June 15, 2021

96 AVANCIS SKALA Black modules were integrated as one component in a large energy concept, which was implemented in 2018/2019 in a joint project of various Berlin companies in the ‘Wohnpark Mariendorf’. Now, GASAG Solution Plus GmbH as energy planning partner together with the project planning company ecopark GmbH have won an architecture award for the client Gewobag ED.

The Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry has awarded the prize for solar architecture to outstanding solar energy solutions. Architectural projects in which photovoltaic or solar thermal systems were installed could be submitted, whether they were new buildings or projects in existing buildings. In a housing estate built in the 1970s, an energy concept was implemented as part of a modernization project in three dozen houses and more than 800 apartments, consisting of two block heating stations, a power-to-heat system, renewable electricity from photovoltaic modules and two battery storage systems.

Wohnpark Mariendorf früher

Wohnpark Mariendorf before renovation

Wohnpark Mariendorf mit AVANCIS-Modulen

Wohnpark Mariendorf with AVANCIS modules after renovation – Photographer Leo Seidel

The 100.5 m2 photovoltaic system blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of the buildings and produces a peak output of 13.93 kWp. The AVANCIS SKALA Black modules were integrated into the curtain wall in such a way that the glass surface of the modules visually connects directly to the exterior plaster of the building. The project is another example of how facades can be used energetically and designed aesthetically at the same time within the framework of climate-friendly energy supply with AVANCIS modules.

Details about the project and the competition can be read here: