The AVANCIS management team Far-sighted expertise for efficient and sustainable solar technology

Oliver Just (CEO)

“AVANCIS has repeatedly impressively demonstrated the potential of CIS technology and will continue to expand this through consistent cost reduction while maintaining our high quality standards.”

About Oliver Just

Oliver Just graduated from the Berlin School of Economics with a degree in business administration and held various management roles in the Beiersdorf Group between 1994 and 2007. From 2002, he worked as commercial manager in charge of Florena Cosmetic GmbH. In 2007, he moved to the post of CFO, authorised signatory, at AVANCIS, and has also been Managing Director since 2014.

Dr. Jörg Palm (Director CTO)

“Our high technical standard and our aspiration towards continuous improvement is the result of our consistent passion for our product.”

About Dr. Jörg Palm

Dr Jörg Palm earned his PhD in solid-state physics from the University of Cologne and worked as a Post Doc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston for two years. He began working with silicon photovoltaics as a development engineer for silicon crystal growth and cell optimisation at Siemens AG. In 2000, he moved to CIS thin film pilot testing and was instrumental in the development and industrialisation of CIS thin film technology at Siemens Solar, Shell Solar and AVANCIS. Before becoming CTO, he was the head of Process Development at AVANCIS.

Dr. Lars Bach (Director COO)

"We can only ensure our competitiveness and uniqueness of our solar products by questioning our high demands, processes and achievements for technical perfection ‘Made in Germany’ every day anew."

About Dr. Lars Bach

The promoted physicist began his career in semiconductor technology at Infineon Technologies, followed by Qimonda and Solibro. At Solibro, his career led him from the department head Process Engineering to the Director Operations including the ramp-up of the first and second Solibro factory as well as Director Expansion Planning, Director Quality Management and Vice President CIGS Turnkey. Before Lars Bach joined Avancis in 2017 for heading the operations, he also worked as plant manager at CYTEC Engineering Materials and technical manager at the automation technology company TR Electronic.