Corporate policy

We enhance our long-term customer´s loyalty with products and services of outstanding benefit.

The orientation of our processes is based on the needs and expectations of our customers and markets. We design our production processes in an environmentally friendly manner by handling raw materials and energy responsibly and by reducing and recycling waste.

We pursue a systematic approach to continuously improve the quality of our products and processes, occupational health and safety management and performance. To protect the environment and prevent pollution, we are constantly improving our environmental and energy performance.

We employ qualified employees and encourage their commitment and creativity. In addition, our employees assume responsibility for occupational health and safety for which they are trained accordingly.

We maintain an open dialogue with our employees, neighbors, business partners and other interested parties in line with our principles and our business interests. In all decisions, we take our responsibility towards them.

We comply with all legal requirements, as well as other obligations binding on us, pursue a strategy for saving energy and provide the necessary information and resources.

We commit to create good and safe working conditions to prevent injuries and illnesses. We also obligate our contractors to.