AVANCIS, the avant-garde of photovoltaics Premium quality and innovation - Sustainability for more than 30 years

As a manufacturer of premium-class solar modules, AVANCIS aims to offer extremely high standards of quality, reliability and corporate responsibility that are exceptional in this dynamic industry. Our roots in CIS technology go back as far as 1981. That was when our predecessor company ARCO Solar started researching the wafer-thin, high-performance coating made from copper, indium, gallium and selenium, the CIGS compounds as an alternative to the conventional silicon wafer solar cells.

In 1998, we became the first company anywhere in the world to start commercial series production of CIS in Camarillo, California. Since then, AVANCIS has continued to develop CIS photovoltaics, in cooperation with big names like Siemens, Shell Solar and Saint-Gobain. The joint success led to the establishment of AVANCIS in 2006. Since 2014, AVANCIS has been part of the CNBM Group, the largest Chinese building materials and glass group with over 180,000 employees.

Backed by CNBM, we cover the entire PV value chain - from glass to the module up to the complete PV system. This allows us to offer the customer complete PV solutions: from ground mounted installations, rooftop system to building-integrated systems and aesthetic solar facades.

Leading manufacturer, research focus: The basis for our success

Pioneering technology, premium quality and performance: these are the special challenges that, for us, are inseparable from photovoltaics. AVANCIS has consistently risen to all these challenges – with lasting success in the development and production of innovative and cutting-edge CIS solar modules of premium quality, with ground-breaking achievements that set us apart as the avant-garde of photovoltaics.

Manufacturing a cutting-edge premium product also necessitates developing the technology for this ourselves and implementing it in process-optimised production facilities. We are driven by innovative product ideas, with which we promote the market prospects for the generation and use of solar energies: This means anyone can generate clean, reliable, sustainable electrical power from inexhaustible solar energy, in any country, region and climatic zone of this world.

Headquarters and production site Torgau

Our factory and the technology centre for the further development of our CIGS products are located in the Renaissance town of Torgau, Germany, 50 km to the north-east of Leipzig. Along with the international factory planning team, the administrative departments and company headquarters of AVANCIS are also based here.

Research & Development centre Munich

We operate our research and development centre for new CIS cell designs, new manufacturing processes and production plants in Munich. This is also where the test plants installed worldwide are simulated and analysed with regard to their energy yield.

CNBM - growth area for our thin-film technology Shaping the future of energy provision together

The China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) was founded in 1984 and is the largest Chinese building materials group with total assets of € 58.6 billion and over 180,000 employees in 2014. The main business activities of CNBM are the manufacture of various building and insulation materials, flat glass and project design of all production plants required for their production. CNBM is also one of the largest manufacturers of highly transparent front glass for solar modules.

The development of AVANCIS technology and the production of PowerMax® modules are a major prerequisite for the expansion plans of CNBM in the field of solar energy production in Asia and Europe.

Large PV plants and turnkey projects are configured, planned and constructed worldwide through the international engineering subsidiary CTIETC. AVANCIS benefits from the group’s own resources and numerous synergies within the growing global photovoltaics market.

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Ground breaking for largest CIGS solar module production in China by CNBM in October 2015: AVANCIS provides CIGS technology for 1.5 GW factory in Bengbu, China.