Torgau / Shanghai Hongqiao Center (CIIE) - November 7th, 2019

Torgau / Shanghai Hongqiao Center (CIIE) – November 7th, 2019 – AVANCIS, leading German manufacturer of premium PV modules, shows up with a unique construction at the 2. China International Import Expo, taking place from November 5th to 10th, 2019 in Shanghai. As a subsidiary of the Chinese building materials group CNBM, AVANCIS is showing the energy-producing sculpture THE INFINITY. The structure presents itself to the viewer from different perspectives as an infinity sign or an Eight, which stands for luck in China. AVANCIS already impressed visitors at CIIE last year with a twisted double helix structure with the SKALA product for façades and infrastructural facilities.

One module – infinite possibilities

Solar energy is part of China’s energy policy when it comes to sustainable energy production. In order to demonstrate infinite, almost unlimited possibilities of architectural solar solutions, AVANCIS shows the solar sculpture THE INFINITY, which impressively demonstrates versatility of the product solution. THE INFINITY consists of mass-produced SKALA modules mounted on a twisted largely self-supporting tube. The entire construction is about 5.50 m high and weighs seven tons. A walkway for visitors with seating and interactive wooden tutorial screens is constructed under THE INFINITY.

The design idea of THE INFINITY was developed by the architect Dr. Peter Kuczia, who has an international proven track especially in energy-efficient buildings. Kuczia received numerous international design awards for the project design for the energy-efficient renovation of a pedestrian bridge with SKALA modules.

‘Attending this strategically important trade fair is a great honor for AVANCIS. As technology supplier of our German CIGS technology to the People’s Republic of China, we see this opportunity to participate as a recognition of our thin-film technology, and a great trust placed in us as a technology representative within the CNBM Group’, said Helmut Frankenberger, CEO of AVANCIS. ‘With this sculpture, we want to show what is possible in the field of solar architecture with our thin-film modules. Thanks to the close cooperation of all participants in China and Germany, we were able to realize this unique sculpture as a joint project for which we would like to sincerely thank all those involved.’

Aesthetic power generation for all conditions

The frameless thin-film modules SKALA from AVANCIS transform passive building envelopes and infrastructure facilities into electricity-generating facades, and thereby actively contribute to the energy balance of every construction project. Due to its high shading tolerance and spectral sensitivity, the module generates power even under unfavorable weather and site conditions. Power generation even works at indirect light. The unique selling point of SKALA is its singular design as the energy-generating facade element has fixed back-rails to be mounted on almost any substructure, especially in curtain-ventilated facades. The solar modules are characterized by a uniform, saturate black surface by default. SKALA can also be produced in different colors and lengths.

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The AVANCIS GmbH, headquartered in Torgau, develops and produces premium-class thin-film solar modules based on the copper-indium-gallium-diselenide compound (CIGS module). This innovative solar technology “Made in Germany” is developed and implemented in our own R&D and production centers in Munich and Torgau. Starting at Arco Solar in the 1980s, AVANCIS’ technology evolves into today’s thin-film technology via the predecessor companies of AVANCIS. Since 2014, the company has been part of the CNBM Group and covers the entire PV value chain – from the glass through the module to the complete PV system. Avancis PV module can be used for open spaces and rooftop systems, as well as building-integrated systems such as aesthetic solar façades and solar architectural solutions.

About China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM)

Founded in 1984, CNBM is the largest Chinese building materials group with a total asset of € 58.6 billion and 180,000 employees. Main activities of CNBM are manufacturing various construction and insulation materials, flat glass and configuring all requisite production facilities. CNBM has greatly expanded its activities in the field of wind energy and photovoltaics in recent years. Related to this CNBM acquired the Sinoi GmbH, a manufacturer of rotor blades for wind turbines in 2007 the CTF Solar GmbH, a manufacturer of thin film solar modules in 2012. CNBM is now one of the largest producers of highly transparent front glass for solar modules. Moreover, CNBM is also active in the field of acquisition, planning and construction of large PV installations through its engineering subsidiary CTIEC. China is currently pursuing an ambitious program for the expansion of solar energy and the growth plans of CNBM are an essential part of this strategy.

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