AVANCIS – manufacturer of innovative CIS solar modules 

Pioneering technology, premium quality and reliability – these are the special challenges that, for us, are inseparable from photovoltaics. AVANCIS has risen to all these challenges – with lasting success in the development and production of cutting-edge CIS solar modules; with ground-breaking achievements that set us apart as the avant-garde of photovoltaics; and with products and services that share the sun's most important feature: continuity.

AVANCIS: solar technology with vision

AVANCIS is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art
photovoltaic modules with CIS technology. We research and produce premium-quality, high-performance solar modules.

AVANCIS – manufacturer of CIS solar modules

Innovative solar technology needs bright thinkers. The AVANCIS management team is committed to consistent quality and further development.

The AVANCIS management team

State-of-the-art research and development of CIS technology, manufacture of high-quality CIS solar modules

Specialists in Munich and Torgau are working on the further development of CIS technology and the manufacture of high-quality CIS solar modules.

AVANCIS in Munich and Torgau

Strong partners

AVANCIS as part of Saint-Gobain

As a company within the CNBM Group, AVANCIS is a member of a successful, high-
performance network that operates worldwide.

AVANCIS as part of

Active environmental protection with photovoltaic systems

Solar power is a renewable energy offering you good money-making potential, while at the same time actively helping to protect the environment.

Photovoltaics as an energy source

Solar modules with CIS technology: the next generation of sustainable thin-film photovoltaics for high-performance, high-return PV systems.

CIS solar modules from AVANCIS