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, August 01, 2011

CIS PowerMax® modules from Avancis pass ammonia test

Torgau, Germany, August 2011 – The PowerMax® product family from leading CIS solar module producer, AVANCIS, has passed the ammonia test conducted by German certification body TÜV Saarland, demonstrating the modules' long-term resistance to ammonia. As a result, the CIS solar modules are now certified as particularly suitable for use in agricultural applications.

Ammonia (NH3) – a corrosive gas – occurs in higher concentrations in the farming sector, especially where livestock are kept. Ammonia is present as a gas in the air inside the animal sheds. Over time, ammonia salts are formed, which are deposited on the modules and can have a very aggressive effect. There is the risk of ammonia molecules penetrating inside the solar modules, causing the conductor circuits to corrode. Impaired performance, reduced yields and early aging of the solar modules would be expected. This is not the case with Avancis. During the test, the PowerMax® modules were exposed to elevated ammonia loads, without suffering any notable losses in performance.

“By passing the ammonia test, our solar modules have once again proved their exceptional quality and durability under extreme conditions. This certification enables us to give all farmers peace of mind in the long term that they have backed the right horse in choosing our quality products,” emphasises Dr Tom Clarius, Quality Director at Avancis. Avancis CIS PowerMax® modules are already widely used on agricultural buildings due to the particularly high returns that they generate.

Previously, the Avancis PowerMax® modules had already passed the salt mist corrosion test conducted by TÜV Saarland in compliance with IEC 61701. These CIS modules are therefore specifically suitable for use in coastal areas, as they offer particularly effective resistance to salt water and salt mist.

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AVANCIS develops and produces photovoltaic modules based on CIS (copper indium selenide) technology. The innovative manufacturing process relies on the second-generation CIS technology that has been developed by the AVANCIS R&D department in Munich. The first plant at the company’s business location in Torgau has a production capacity of 20 megawatt peak per year (MWp p.a). The company is currently constructing a second plant with a production capacity of 100 MWp p.a. on this site. Avancis is also involved in a production joint-venture with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) via its parent company Saint-Gobain and is building a third plant in South Korea to manufacture CIS modules (also with a capacity of 100 MWp p.a.).

Siemens, Shell and Saint-Gobain are some of the big names that have helped cultivate the technology now available from AVANCIS while it was still in its infancy. The successes achieved in the field of photovoltaics are largely due to their efforts. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain since autumn 2009, AVANCIS benefits from Saint-Gobain’s many years of expertise in glass coating and tempering, both core competencies of this leading global construction and automotive glass supplier.

PowerMax® modules from Avancis pass ammonia test.