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Fab 2

Opening of the 1st AVANCIS solar plant

AVANCIS Images 2012

CIS world records

We are intensively boosting the efficiency of photovoltaics, as the world records for our CIS modules demonstrate:

AVANCIS efficiency records

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AVANCIS – once a pioneer, always a pioneer

Siemens, Shell, Saint-Gobain – these are names we have been working with since the very early days, and that are closely associated with our successes and our development in the field of future-focused photovoltaics. Since as early as 1981, we have had various teams carrying out research into CIS technology, which allows the sun's energy to be harnessed sustainably and cost-effectively – and is attractive to look at too.

First manufacturer of CIS photovoltaic modules

We started commercial series production of CIS solar modules in Camarillo, California, in 1998 – the first company in the world to do so. And with an annual capacity of 3 megawatts, we were able to demonstrate even then the tremendous potential of this technology. Today, AVANCIS is the most experienced researcher and producer of CIS solar cells in the world. We are the first company to go into second-generation CIS production.

Milestones in the corporate development of AVANCIS

AVANCIS was founded in 2006 by the petroleum company Shell and the French glass and building materials specialist Saint-Gobain as a joint venture for the systematic further development of CIS technology. Since 2008, production of high-performance CIS solar modules has been based in Torgau in the German state of Saxony – with increasing capacity and growing success. In 2009, Saint-Gobain took over Shell's share and has since been effectively promoting the development of CIS photovoltaics through its subsidiary AVANCIS.


2014 - CNBM acquires Avancis

The China National Building Materials Group (CNBM) acquires AVANCIS GmbH on August, 27, 2014. The company will continue to operate under the name AVANCIS and produce and distribute modules of the PowerMax® brand. CNBM is pursuing an ambitious program to develop solar energy - the acquisition of AVANCIS is a key element of this strategy.

2013 - AVANCIS operates as AVANCIS GmbH

Since February 27th 2013 AVANCIS GmbH & Co. KG operates under the business name AVANCIS GmbH. In this context the Ust-Id. DE (new: DE811123472) and the number HRB (new: 29149) had to be changed.

2011 - Start of production Fab 2

Official start of production of Fab 2 from AVANCIS in Torgau. The second plant at the production site Torgau has an annual production capacity of 100 MWp.

2010 - Founding of the Hyundai-AVANCIS production joint venture

Saint-Gobain and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) form Hyundai-AVANCIS, a production joint venture building Fab 3, a plant in South Korea with an annual production capacity of 100 MWp p. a.

2010 - Topping-out ceremony for the second AVANCIS solar plant

AVANCIS celebrated on October 14th 2010 the topping-out ceremony for its second solar factory in Torgau. The new building extends the company's current production capacity of 20 MWp by five times to 120 MWp per year.

2010 - Laying of the foundation stone for the second AVANCIS solar plant

AVANCIS has laid the foundation stone for its second plant in Torgau on August 25, 2010. For a short video of the event please follow the enclosed link.

2010 - Groundbreaking ceremony for the second solar plant

aint-Gobain decides to build a second plant to produce high-efficiency photovoltaic modules in Torgau, Germany. The new Avancis plant will have a production output of 100 MWp/year.

2009 - Saint-Gobain takes over AVANCIS

Saint-Gobain is pushing ahead with its growth in the field of renewable energies and taking over Shell’s share of the previous joint venture.

2008 - Start of CIS solar module production

Start of AVANCIS series production in Torgau

2006 - Shell and Saint-Gobain found AVANCIS

Shell and Saint-Gobain form AVANCIS, a joint venture company for the development, production and marketing of the next generation of CIS

The antecedents to AVANCIS's success

As a manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, AVANCIS builds on decades of research in the pioneering field of CIS technology. The seeds for its success were sown by Arco Solar, which carried out the first laboratory experiments in 1981. In 1998, pilot production began for the first time in Camarillo, California, after which Siemens Solar and later Shell Solar made a commitment to develop CIS solar technology further. Our journey towards developing the future-proof CIS solar cell has been studded with countless world-record achievements and awards.




Shell Solar acquires Siemens Solar: technology development programs of Siemens Solar and Shell Solar are merged


Award from the DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) for innovations in the energy sector


Recognition from American magazine R&D for one of the 100 most technologically important new product developments


Start of the world's first commercial series production of CIS in Camarillo, California


ARCO Solar begins researching CIS